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Bet Minder is a great tool for placing your own bets an auto
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Bet Minder
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Bet Minder is a great tool for placing your own bets an auto.
You can choose from a great number of filters and conditions to apply to your bets, the bot will do all the hard work for you.

There are quick pick options to add all runners and favorites in all horse and dog markets and you can quickly import selections from an Excel spread sheet you have received or generated yourself.

Bet Minder can follow many systems all at the same time, as well as allowing you add your own selections and follow tipsters. It has a full range of options allowing you to do just about any system that a bot can handle. We have packed the bot with many time saving features so you can use the it easily and quickly.

Bet Minder has a full ‘save settings’ manager allowing to save as many sets of settings as you like to reload at any time from a drop down list. This will save you bags of time as you wont have to keep changing all the settings all the time.

Stop Rules, Disparity, Stake Ladder and Movers (Steaming / Drifting) all have profile managers. You can save as many profiles of rules as you like to easily pick from when setting up your system or sets of filters. Another major time saving feature allowing a great depth of choice and flexibility.

Quick Picks are another time saver. You can very quickly add all runners or favorites (1,2,3 etc.) for all horse and dog races.

Add multi favorites, multi steamers drifters.

Excel import system allows you to add runners you may have on an excel spreadsheet in lightening fast time.



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